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Video created by Sophia Montemayor economics class for Dr. Castillo at Incarnate Word /St. Anthony High School

Texting While Driving IS Contributing To Thousands Of Crash Deaths.

Ample attention has been attached to drunk driving over the last several decades– and rightly so. It’s one of the leading causes of death and injury on PHOENIX roads, and even today is far too common. But a rising problem deserves a closer look as well – texting while driving. There has been an ever increasing  focus on this problem in recent years as the number of accidents related to TEXTING OR DISTRACTED DRIVING  increases at an alarming rate.

Texting has led to numerous traffic accidents, numerous serious injuries, and scores of fatalities and is now touted as being as dangerous as drunk driving.

Those are huge numbers, and depicts just how serious this problem really is. In fact, it’s so serious that several states it is illegal for anyone operating a motor vehicle to text while driving. Most motorists in Arizona text while driving. DO You Text and Drive? And when you factor in that today’s smartphones make it easy to send and receive emails while driving, distracted driving becomes even more serious of a problem.

So what should you do if you’re involved in an accident that you believe was related to the other party texting? In reality, it’s often very difficult to prove that texting was a factor. Only in a few cases have attorneys been able to access mobile phone accounts of drivers, and it’s not something that motorists will usually give up willingly.

Instead, most attorneys will take a look at other factors that the texting led to. Things like unsafe speeds, failure to obey signage or traffic signals, crossing the center line, and other similar issues are normally linked to texting while driving and will be enough in many instances to show that the driver was negligent or reckless in their operation of the motor vehicle. It’s time to stop texting and driving. Protect your children and have watch this video. Protect your spuse and have them watch this video. Protect your family and have them watch this video. Have a family vote and vote never to text and drive ever.

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